Document Management Industrial Systems Product Design System

ReenDocS – ReenDoo Product-Design Spec & Documents System

Modules to generate and define many informations about the designating a new project. There are about three until five sections in Project Planning depend on user requirements, Project Detail, Application, Planning, and Customer Specific Technical Requirements, where PPAP or Feasibility Commitment is an additional requirement!

Designer Assignment handles everything about project design. From here, the role job is taken by Design Manager and Assigned Designer for processing the project design. There are some sub process in this step, View Design, Sample Process, Feasibility Commitment, and Prototype Build. Some of them will appear only if the previous step has been completed, because almost all steps must be done in sequence generally

Project Summary collects summaries of project record especially for the date of project completion. In here, an index table which consist of some project records will be shown, including the information about the project, customer, responsible, product manager, design manager, and so on. Furthermore, the core of this phase lies on Timeline feature. Each project record has timeline to describe duration of project work and activities in more detail

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[ Klien : Battery spareparts for Automative Manufacture Company – Batam; being upgraded become QC/QA system for Automotive parts design ]